Selection of photos from Sunday 5 July





Photos taken by Ian Thomson

For more photos from Knox Church head to our Facebook page

An invitation to celebrate

50th anniversary of the ordination of women as ministers
of word and sacrament, and
60th anniversary of the ordination of women as elders
in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand
Preacher: Rev. Rose Luxford, Moderator, Southern Presbytery
5pm – Sunday 19 July 2015
Knox Church, 449 George Street, Dunedin

Inquiries to Knox Church Office phone 03 477 0229



New light shed on John Knox in landmark biography

29 April, 2015
Copyright © The Church Of Scotland

The discovery of a cache of hitherto unknown letters sheds new light on John Knox, leader of the Scottish Reformation.

Professor Jane Dawson of Edinburgh University, who uncovered the letters exchanged with Knox’s best friend Christopher Goodman, has now written a landmark new book ‘John Knox’ on this hugely significant figure in Scottish history… more

Knox Church and James Matheson

– a talk given by Rev. Dr Peter Matheson

on 26 February 2015 at Knox Church, Dunedin

Piccolo will take a break during the
July school holiday –
so there will be no Piccolo on 7 & 14 July

Calla will be back on Tuesday 21 July


All Welcome!


Knews302_pg1read June_August  issue

March-May issue

Knox Church Choir

11-13 September 2015




Knox Church
449 George Street

  • Sunday Services – 10am and 7pm
  • The Knox Church Choir sings at all services during school terms
  • Sunday School and Youth programmes are offered during school/University term

One thought on “News

  1. Dear Knox
    Today, while on holiday, I attended Piccolo with my daughter and 2 grandchildren and we had a wonderful time. Calla had organised a programme that kept us all smiling and worked very well with the size of the group. My favourite activity was when we each had our closed instrument and were invited to improvise to the music. What fun! Next time on holiday I’ll certainly be there.
    Thank you Calla


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